Thick  Share New Track “Love You Forever”

Thick Share New Track “Love You Forever”

Today, Brooklyn DIY punk band THICK share their new song “Love You Forever.” The track is the first song released by the band since their critically acclaimed debut album 5 Years Behind (2020). Referring to the track as their “first honest love song,” the band originally wrote the song as a gift for a friend’s wedding this past year. “It’s about unconditional love and getting through the hard times — knowing that love transcends all of life’s chapters,” adds THICK. “The song is meant to encapsulate the idea of loving your partners, your friends, and most of all loving yourself.“ 

Alongside the track, the band releases an upbeat music video directed by Aimee Kuge. Inspired by 70s era zombie films, Aimee reinterpreted the theme of the song and channeled it into the idea of self-love and revival. “Instead of focusing on romantic love, we decided to go on a quest for self-love in this music video showing how transformative it can be,” shares THICK. 


5 Years Behind came to life in Studio G Brooklyn with producer/engineer Joel Hamilton (Iggy Pop, Jolie Holland). The album sees THICK confront the countless disappointments and injustices they deal with every day: the reckless hypocrisy of people in power, social media’s erosion of genuine connection, dudes who feel inexplicably entitled to share their most loathsome opinions. But even in their most exasperated moments, THICK manage the impossible feat of coming off confident and carefree even as they expose their deepest insecurities. 

THICK has a busy year of touring ahead, starting with the Flogging Molly Salty Dog Cruise (alongside epic punk bands including Flogging Molly, Descendents, and The Distillers).  

The cruise is closely followed by a national US tour supporting Australian punk rock band The Chats and Portland-based punk band Mean Jeans starting April 14 in Phoenix, AZ. A handful of dates are alongside Mean Jeans only, information below.  

Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit: