sadeyes Expresses Heartache In New Single “toothfairy”

Today, 23-year-old Portland native sadeyes releases his new single, “toothfairy” from the upcoming EP ‘patient death’ out on May 12th. Leaning into maximalist production, the track builds on a foundation of glistening synths and effervescent textures interrupted by syncopated bass drops. Delivering signature vocals brimming with painful honesty, sadeyes puts his emotional lyricism on display for a cathartic listening experience.



After finding solace behind the infamous lofi “emo-rapper” persona as a teenager, when his interests and talents started to transcend the genre, sadeyes (Nathan Lewis) was too afraid to break the mold. Acting almost as a crutch mirroring his own life, he had unintentionally put himself in a box by resisting growth artistically, as well as personally. His last project -- alternative rap and trap heavy ‘molotov’ EP -- found sadeyes switching up his flow while stretching his pen game for presumptuous rhymes. Now he’s ready to reflect his personal evolution through a new sound with the release of ‘patient death’.

The six song EP is laced with earworm hooks and crunchy textures layered over delicate sprinkles of guitar and keys, grounded by intermittent moments of clean vocals that bring you back down to earth. Continuing to express his journey through his art while also acknowledging the long, sometimes messy road ahead, he says, “Progress isn’t linear. This EP is a reflection of me taking a new path to progression.”

Getting his start at 17 years old, sadeyes quickly became popular on SoundCloud, cutting his teeth releasing self-produced moody lo-fi hits. After signing to Epitaph, he dropped a debut full-length album, multiple EP’s and a prolific number of singles that his voracious fanbase eats up with every release. Now at over 140M+ streams and 820k+ steady monthly listeners, he's ready to share another side of his multi-dimensional skillset.