The Warrior's Code pulls in another great review!

Spend enough time in bars and you're likely to see someone order an Irish Car Bomb. The trendy drink consists of a half pint of Guinness Stout mixed with two one-ounce shots of Jameson's whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream.

It's the type of unsightly and untraditional concoction that would cause James Joyce to spin in his grave. But it's also the type of concoction that will knock you right on your butt.

In other words, it's more than a little bit like the Dropkick Murphys (bio). The Boston-based band distills beer-soaked pub rock, rowdy Celtic folk traditions and old-school punk into a frighteningly strong musical cocktail. That mix has never been more potent or tasty than on the newly released "The Warrior's Code."

The album is drenched with the type of sweaty mosh-pit anthems and heavy stompers that made the band an annual favorite at the Warped Tour. The CD kicks off like a mule's hoof to the head with the blistering "Your Spirit's Alive," and then the Murphys absolutely stampede through such intense workouts as "The Walking Dead" and "Captain Kelly's Kitchen."

One of the things that has always separated the Murphys from other Warped acts is their undeniable sincerity. That's especially true on "The Warrior's Code." This isn't just an album of songs; it's an album full of anthems, seemingly penned in blood. With each track, the Murphys seem to be lifting their drink in honor of some fallen friend, lost hero or fellow traveler. And, in return, we lift our Irish Car Bomb in honor of them.

by Jim Harrington
liveDaily Contributor