The new Error EP scores another solid album review!

Okay, so two brothers, Atticus and Leopold Ross, whose previous credits include collaborations with Trent Reznor, Rancid and Zack de la Rocha, wrote a handful of songs and took them to Brett Gurewitz, founder of Bad Religion and Epitaph records. Gurewitz then penned some lyrics and melody lines and, voila, Error was born. So, is this some bloated all-star reunion Fleetwood Mac on-stage with Barbara Streisand type of jam? Uh, not quite. This Error EP is one of the most ferocious things you will hear this year. It is cyber-industrial rage exploding out of a world gone mad. With frenzied conviction and manic energy, and Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Gregg Puciato screeching out Gurewitz's lyrics, Error bursts out of the gates with all the fury of an underwater atomic bomb, sending shockwaves throughout the ocean of today's pop landscape.

Well OK, OK, maybe I'm talking it up a bit too much. But it's GOOD. Damn good. Imagine Marilyn Manson at a dinner party with Aphex Twin and Trent Reznor. With sing along anthems like "Jack the Ripper" and choir-like backing vocals on songs such as "Homicide," Error juxtaposes pure human passion with the cold emotionlessness of the pounding mechanical beats, expertly weaving the soundtrack to our post-9/11 nightmares. Alternating between hyper-kinetic frustration on the EPs opener, "Nothing is Working," 'Let's just fuck our brains out my love, and you fake what you can't achieve,' to moral condemnation on "Burn in Hell," 'you're running too hot like cops who trot Afghanistans's sand,' the onslaught of anger, hopelessness and raw visceral energy never stops. Keep your eye on these guys.

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