Greer Release New Tracks "All That's Left Behind" & "Lullaby For You"

Greer Release New Tracks "All That's Left Behind" & "Lullaby For You"

Southern California-bred alt-rock band Greer have released a two-song single featuring "Lullaby For You" and "All That's Left Behind." Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Kurt Vile, Beck), the tracks are outtakes from the band’s 2020 debut EP, Lullaby for You.

A couple years in the making, “All That’s Left Behind” holds significance as one of the first songs ever written by the band. “It has carried with it the presence of our early sound but has evolved greatly with the momentum of the rest of our music,” adds Greer. “While lyrically it loosely tells a narrative, we wanted to make a song that could serve as a comfort to our listeners, a guiding voice for the lost or confused. We feel this song has come a long way from where it began and displays our growth as a band.”


“‘Lullaby for You’ is a song we truly felt would never officially be released to the public,” explains the band. “From the start we felt there was something special about the song, especially regarding the lyrical context which was written for Lucas’ late girlfriend, Emma Greer DiBiase, who the band is named after as a tribute. Many peers told us that they loved this song, but when we looked at the songs for the debut EP we felt it didn’t fit with the new sound we were moving towards so we chose not to include it.  As a tribute to the song, we named the EP ‘Lullaby for You’, which ended up confusing die-hard fans when they looked to see the song wasn’t on the EP.” 


Since the band’s formation in November 2018, Greer have moved forward with incredible momentum, fueled by their immaculate songwriting and unguarded sincerity. Originally joining forces for a one-off gig at a high school homecoming dance, the band played their first official show at L.A.’s iconic DIY venue The Smell a month later, then quickly self-released their magnetic debut single “Song for Me.” In 2020, the band released their debut EP Lullaby for You. The five-track EP transforms moments of profound heartache and romantic angst into massively catchy pop songs.

Greer is Corbin (guitar), Josiah (vocals), Lucas (drums), and Seth (bass).