The new Dropkick Murphys' album gets another killer review!

The Dropkicks have been putting out some of the best pint-raisng, boot kicking old school Irish hardcore around and there's just no stopping these guys. The album cover fits the material well as "Your Spirit's Alive" is a Guinness fueled knock out track. On the title track, the band busts into some punked up Irish beer drinking music. Bagpipes give Dropkick Murphys a different edge that adds culture and a sense of honesty to the band's working class anthems. Their coupling of hardcore, Irish folk music and the type of music you would expect to sing drunk off your ass while closing the pub with your mates is about as real as it can get. The band members have each grown even more well- rounded as musicians, but it is more than apparent that the band remains focused on their roots. Fans of the band will love "Wicked Sensitive Crew", which is a rather fun time. The hardcore breaks out like a bombshell with "Citizen CIA", a rollicking, up-tempo old school cut that will no doubt incite a bit of stagediving live. It really helps to enjoy Irish music if you're going to listen to Dropkick Murphy, but there's no doubt that this diverse ensemble brings forth some of the most tuneful music, hardcore and otherwise, that you'll be finding this side of Boston. Raise another pint and play the damn thing over again!

Review by: Erin Fox
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