"Scandinavian Leather" scores another great review

Back after nearly four years of limbo, psychiatric treatments and label hunting, the leading export in Norwegian cock rock delivery a masterpiece. "Scandinavian Leather," the denim Norsemen's fifth album, is without a doubt their most eagerly anticipated and most accomplished effort. Which is a lot to say after the amazing "Apocalypse Dudes." Disbanding under bizarre and mysterious circumstances
in 1998, Turbonegro regrouped last year for a swing through Europe's most prestigious summer festivals. Not surprising, they were met with a sea of fans heralding their return.

Burning Heart was first on the scene, check in hand, to signs the boys and lock in on a new batch of tunes. In the US Epitaph stoked the fire re-issuing two of the bands best sellers, "Ass Cobra" and "Apocalypse Dudes" and marched them through a late-winter tour of the States. We caught up with them in San Francisco just in time to watch a raging set complete with a video shoot for the records leading single "Sell Your Body."

Now, I hate to gush, but this is a damn fine record. From the cover design by legendary artist Klaus Voorman to the detailed layering and the subtle nuances that make each song a ripping anthem "Scandinavian Leather" succeeds on many levels. Borrowing from '80s metal guitar gods, Euroboy takes the bull by the horns and delivers monster riffs from heaven to lead

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