Motion City Soundtrack steals the Epitaph Tour show in Boston.

Motion City Soundtrack is on tour in the midwest now. The band is playing headlining dates and some College shows leading up to their UK dates in May. The Finch shows are sold out but the band plans to schedule some headlining UK gigs around the same time. Get ready for three record release shows this June to celebrate 'Commit This To Memory' plus Warped tour dates this summer! The Suffolk Journal reports on how Motion City Soundrack stole the show when this year's Epitaph Tour hit Boston...

Motion City steals show

A band from Minnesota called Motion City Soundtrack has been making their mark on the underground rock/pop/punk scene and is providing fierce competition to similar bands.

They have two amazing guitars that collide with an energetic synth sound and are complimented by witty, fast-paced lyrics. It is not easy to do, but this sound cannot be duplicated. Emotional energy pours out of their debut album I Am the Movie, which came in the summer of 2004.

A fast, catchy, pop/punk chorus can be found in all songs off of their album. The beats make you want to dance and the lyrics make you want to sing along.

Motion City Soundtrack is signed to Epitaph Records and is now touring with label mates, such as From First to Last and Matchbook Romance.

The Epitaph Tour came to Axis in Boston on March 12. From First to Last went on before Motion City and they played to their audience well. They are more of a hardcore band, but they share a lot of the same fan base as Motion City. From First to Last has a severely unique sound due to their hardcore breakdowns in the midst of heavy guitar work and crystal clear vocals.

As soon as Motion City Soundtrack hit the stage they gave their fans what they paid for.

They played like rock stars, especially when Jesse (synth) decided to do a few handstands on his keyboard in the middle of the first song to get the crowd's attention. The energy and crowd appeal were most felt during the songs "The Red Dress" and "The Future Freaks Me Out." Obviously these songs were everyone's favorite and the crowd let the band know that.

It resembled a Dashboard Confessional concert due to the fact that every song was a sing-along. Justin Pierre, the band's front man, led the crowd in every song and he shined when the crowd could not sing the lyrics that were too fast to sing.

Their set was just shy of perfect to say the least. All in all it was an amazing show with fantastic music from a band that knew how to deliver it.

Motion City Soundtrack's new album Commit This to Memory is coming out on June 7. Fellow pop/punk musical talent Mark Hoppus of Blink182 produced the album.

Motion City Soundtrack's charisma and stage presence blasts out of iPod headphones when listening to their album. Hopefully the second album will mirror the success of the first.

By Alex Kelly
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