Kerrang picks The Distillers' "City Of Angels" as their "single of the Week"

single of the week
The Distillers
City Of Angels (Hellcat Records)

The centrepiece of the superb 'Sing Sing Death House' album (get those votes in for Album of the Year now), 'City Of Angels' is a classic LA lament to rival 'Welcome to the Jungle' or X's 'Los Angeles'. 'They say this is the city, the City sf Angles but all I see is dead wings' drawls Australian native Brody Armstrong of her adopted home, over as glorious a three-chord backing racket as you'll hear this side of, well, this side of a Tim Armstrong record. this single, along with an attendent tour opening up for Garbage and No Doubt, is about to break The Distillers in the US. We await the first series of 'The Armstrongs' with no small degree of excitement.

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