Matchbook Romance's Hit Song "Monsters" Gets Boost From Hot New Game

Since Activision's release of the cultural phenomenon Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, which features 2006's hit song "Monsters," sales of Matchbook Romance's digital single have skyrocketed. Featured on the group's 2006 album, Voices, "Monsters" is currently averaging sales of over 5,500 digital copies per week since the game's release. Sales of the digital single have also driven album sales, which saw a significant increase since the games introduction.

"With limited opportunities for young bands to make a real connection with new fans, games like Guitar Hero III are having a huge impact on sales," explains Epitaph's Vice President of Sales Jon Strickland. "Matchbook Romance's sales were up over 1000% over the holiday period due to their appearance as one of the few newer bands featured in the game."

Also featured in Madden NFL 07 and Arena Football: Road to Glory, "Monsters" inclusion on Guitar Hero III marks the singles continued success in the gaming world. Matchbook Romance joins fellow labelmates Bad Religion, Rancid and Gallows who have also been featured in the franchise's games.