Raised Fist New Album 'Anthems' Out Now

Raised Fist New Album 'Anthems' Out Now

Anthems, the seventh full-length by Swedish hardcore band Raised Fist, is out today via Epitaph Records. On this album, the band has been working together with producers Roberto Laghi & Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg and Oral Majority Recordings. The band focussed their efforts on just ten tracks to keep the album short and sweet and the intention clear. Frontman Alexander “Alle” Hagman insisted that all ten songs have a recognisable hook to grab the audience’s attention. “I told the boys, ‘I'm going to have a hook on every song before I leave the studio. There's not going to be a song on this album that I leave out vocal wise. I'm going to work, I'm going to sit, I'm going to write, I’m going to scream, sing and sweat until I get it fucking right, otherwise, it's going to have to wait for me.’” Listen to Anthems now.

Earlier this week, Raised Fist shared the music video for “Venomous”. Hagman states: “There are some real nasty negative people out there. Watch out for them serpentines!!” Watch the video for “Venomous” HERE.

Anthems Track Listing
1. Venomous
2. Seventh
3. Anthem
4. Murder
5. Into This World
6. Shadows
7. Oblivious
8. Polarized
9. We Are Here
10. Unsinkable II

Watch “Anthem”: https://youtu.be/DYdBQC63ZdU
Watch “Into This World”: https://youtu.be/yMGL3M5bbnw

Raised Fist is Alexander "Alle" Hagman (Vocals), Andreas "Josse" Johansson (Bass), Jimmy Tikkanen (Guitar), Daniel Holmgren (Guitar), Robert Wiiand (Drums)