F-Minus' "Wake Up Screaming" gets another solid review

This is one the records that I listened to during the Persian Gulf War. I wasn't having dreams of waving flags and running over statues of Saddam either. I was getting into my inner pain and nightmares. I was sympathizing with the afflicted. F-Minus hits you like a big truck going 90 miles and hour. They are anarchists from Huntington Beach so they have a lot to rebel against. The only choices there are be a skateboarder or be a Nazi. The best songs are ones like "Wake Up" where both Brad Logan and Erica Daking both sing. You can feel the tension between their voices. "The Mind" sounds more like The Stooges. This record of heavy music was recorded by Steve Albini. It's really good to listen to when you are feeling aggressive. It's like a good fuck without any kissing. F-Minus goes beyond the genre of Punk Rock, and create something wonderful. I want to scream out this window before me.

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