Escape the Fate has landed the #1 Most Viewed Music Video on YouTube and is headed towards 200,000+ views in 24 hours with their provocative new video for "Situations."

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(Los Angeles, CA) Skyrocketed by the sudden success of Escape the Fate's hit video "Situations," a modern take on the classic Van Halen video, "Hot for Teacher" the href="">Epitaph YouTube channel is the 10th most viewed today, according to the YouTube charts.

Las Vegas quintet Escape the Fate have been in the midst of growing success, after headlining the 2007 Epitaph Tour in the spring and a meteoric stint on the Vans Warped Tour this summer. The band is currently headlining the Hot Topic Black on Black tour, but is the instantaneous success of their provocative new video that has seared the image of Escape the Fate onto hundreds of thousands of eyeballs across the world in the past 24 hours.

"We're gonna be [a] change in music," says lead singer Ronnie Radke. "I have a vision. I want people to have fun, put their fists in the air." The "Situations" video perfectly encapsulates that objective and spews it out in three and a half minutes of fist pumping, guitar lashing, riotous mayhem.

Check out the Epitaph Channel and "Situations" by Escape the Fate