Bouncing Souls to film live DVD Thusday night in LA!


Let's face it: the mainstream understanding of punk music as it exists today is pretty far removed from the genuinely rebellious roots of the genre. Witnessing the tactless marketing frenzy that occurred in the name of punk must tighten the chests of many a purist. However, the metamorphosis of any onetime underground movement is necessary to the cycle of life; punk may be at its overexposed, post-Avril end, but once it hits the mall, where else can it go?

Still, somewhere between the Hot Topic brats and the '70s traditionalists lies a subculture that thrives on a never-ending stream of adolescent angst and narrow chord selection, predicated on the basic punk tenets that allow for anyone with a healthy disdain for "the establishment" to claim punk for themselves.

Carrying the torch and pursuing this very thing are the Bouncing Souls, who bust out an amalgam of ska/hardcore/pop-tinged punk. From their start in New Jersey in 1987---a time and place better known for our favorite hair rockers Bon Jovi than sneery and sincere punk rock---Bouncing Souls self-released a
series of albums and underwent an arduous touring schedule, all which paid off 10 years later, when they signed with Epitaph. Still making an apparently determined go of it, Bouncing Souls have become known for their place in the Vans Warped Tour's stable of graying, long-term-relationship bands.

The Glass House show will be the site for the taping of a live DVD, so you should best practice your punkiest and most heartfelt devil-horn salute before showing up.

Bouncing Souls perform with Throw Rag, the God Awfuls and Madcap at the Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona; Thurs., Feb. 17, 7 p.m. $14. All ages.

By Kate Carraway
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