Bad Suns Share New Single & Lyric Video “Astral Plans”

Bad Suns Share New Single & Lyric Video “Astral Plans”

Masters of tuneful indie-rock melded with shimmery pop production, Los Angeles natives Bad Suns have shared their glossy new single “Astral Plans” from the road as they head into the last stretch of their tour with The Band CAMINO. Tickets and VIP packages are still available HERE. 

The latest addition to their expansive discography that has amassed over 865 million streams, “Astral Plans” features earworm melodies and layered harmonies that weave throughout a cascade of psychedelic guitars and a grooving bassline. Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Frontman Christo Bowman explains: 

“"Astral Plans” stems from my growing frustration with the rigidity of western thought in a world filled with paradoxes, filtered through the story of a soldier coming home from war to discover their partner has been unfaithful.  

I had a falling out with somebody close to me who I tried to make a relationship work for years through dysfunction.  

I had love and faith that we could move past our hard times and into a brighter future. That didn’t happen, and ultimately, I ended up feeling blindsided when they cut me out of their life. 

I came to realize that I couldn’t be mad at this person forever and had to consider that I was equally to blame for our downfall. This was a liberating discovery.  

Whichever side of the equation you find yourself on, sometimes you just have to say or hear “I love you, that’s why I’m walking away.” 

“Astral Plans” 


Bad Suns is Christo Bowman (vocals/guitar), Gavin Bennett (bass) and Miles Morris (drums). After forming as teenagers over a decade ago in 2012, the group has released four studio albums and a deluxe record. The LA-based trio has toured with the likes of the 1975 and Halsey, played festivals like Coachella and have graced the homepages of Alternative Press and NYLON – with the latter hailing Bad Suns as “the sort of rock that we just never get enough of.”