Youth Group - Skeleton Jar
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U.S. Release Date: May 24, 2005

E.U. Release Date: May 23, 2005

Skeleton Jar

Youth Group

About Skeleton Jar by Youth Group

Dark and melancholic, Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Toby Martin has a voice that is undeniably pure and potent. With each song he guides us through varied landscapes of indie rock, folk and pop terrain. From the haunting single "Shadow Land," to live favorites "See-Saw" and "Piece of Wood," Skeleton Jar is truly an eclectic feast.
Here is what some critics and fellow artists are saying about this incredible new album:
"Skeleton Jar is sweet and dear and genuine in a world stolen by cynics. Put simply, Youth Group gets it. If you don't love them your heart is dead."
-Chris Walla Death Cab For Cutie
"Skeleton Jar sounds like I've loved it for years. Its ability to both remind me of all my favorite things, but not sound like any of them in particular is a little scary. It came into my life, told me that I didn't have to get up, asked if I wanted a glass of water or anything from the kitchen, I shook my head and here I am now with another favorite record and I didn't even know I left the front door unlocked. Now it lives in my stereo and has a set of keys to the house and my heart."
-Gregg LaGambina Filter Magazine
"On the very first listen, Youth Group enchanted me like a new acquaintance that I'd seemingly known my whole life. Skeleton Jar is one of those rare generous records that invites you in again and again and never stops giving."
-Brett Gurewitz Epitaph

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Youth Group

Youth Group

Youth Group - the widely-heralded Sydney-based rock outfit - will release its 2nd U.S. studio album, for the Anti Label on January 23, 2007. Casino …

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