Voice Of The Streets

Anthems From The Alleyway, Total Chaos

Vocals: Rob Chaos
Bass: Joe E. Bastard
Guitar: Shawn Smash
Drums: Suzy Homewrecker

The punks are on the streets
And the skins are out there too
Drinking on the beat
You'll wanna be there too

The punks are on the streets
The skins are out there too
Swilling beers for fun
And united as one

Rockin to the Oi! beat
We're goin' out tonight
We got the boys together
And everything will be all right

We're gonna take this town
We're gonna burn it down
We're the rebel warriors
The best there is around

Artist Bio

Total Chaos

Total Chaos

After a self-released single and full length LP, a Latin American tour, a debut album on Epitaph (1994's ear-shattering Pledge of Defiance), numerous arrests for …

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