A Darker Forest

No Devolución, Thursday

Vocals: Geoff Rickly
Guitar: Tom Keeley
Drums: Tucker Rule
Bass: Tim Payne
Guitar, Backup Vocals: Steve Pedulla
Keyboards, Synthesizer: Andrew Everding

A darker forest paints with blood in the sun sliding down its trees
And casts in relief the colors we have seen.
And all the storms that we had been, they've paled and passed
In the presence of the world at hand.
Am I really there in the fractured light of the forest floor
With the broken branches?
Am I really there in the same light, in the same life,
On the only road?
A darker forest waits
In which we relive all our past mistakes
And trace them back, with our decisions,
To the fork in the road.
But what if every path you take
Starts to look the same
And leads equally astray?
We'll walk in circles and never find our way...

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For the last thirteen years, Thursday has been in a constant state of transition. Rising from New Brunswick, NJ, in the midst of a DIY …

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