The Joykiller - Ready Sexed Go
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U.S. Release Date: August 11, 2003

E.U. Release Date: August 12, 2003

Ready Sexed Go

The Joykiller

About Ready Sexed Go by The Joykiller

Joykiller fans have been waiting for what seems like eons to hear what Jack Lloyd Jones (T.S.O.L., Tender Fury, The Joykiller) had been up to in the late '90s -- the time between the last Joykiller record, Three, and the "comeback" album from (the original) T.S.O.L., Disappear. Well now's their chance...this anthology is 32 tracks of sheer sexual bliss. It features tracks from all 3 Joykiller albums (The Joykiller -- 1995, Static -- 1996 and Three -- 1997), as well as 8 tracks that were originally going to be released under the monikers "The Go" and "Gentleman Jack".
Featuring the great musicianship of T.S.O.L. cohort Ron Emory, the first album, The Joykiller, is a blistering rant of blatant hatred and really feels like the album that T.S.O.L. should have put out after "Beneath The Shadows" (but with a definite '90's punk energy), but things didn't go that way...Jack having left the band, and the remaining members taking the cred that had been built up over the previous 2 years, and virtually pissing it down the drain over the next 4 years, while Jack stayed busy with Tender Fury.
Static picks up where The Joykiller left off, but begins to show a new (dare I say mature?) side of Jack...Ronny King's keyboards are more prevalent, and the songwriting is becoming more refined...and on Three, the full potential of what had been developing inside the creative noggin of our protagonist comes to the fore. Damn, these songs just keep getting better and more interesting.
Finally, the material from "The Go" and "Gentleman Jack" really is an extension of The Joykiller. After all, it features many of the same musicians, and yet it was not intended to be released as The Joykiller, originally...I wonder why...I guess that's one question that will forever remain a mystery...unless Jack enlightens us!
Ha ha...well anyway, enjoy...

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