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The pulse-pounding sounds of THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY come roaring back to the music world with their diverse, lively and creative second full-length album on Epitaph, A New Morning, Changing Weather. The record explores a new side of the Swedish quartet; from the sixties radical punk sound on their debut to a more diverse mix of MC5, THE KINKS, THE SMITHS, JAMES BROWN, PRIMAL SCREAM and modern R&B. Not retro, rather a step into modern rock music made for the new century.

THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY. The name alone is enough to stir up a reaction. When combined with the sounds and lyrics this group produces, T(I)NC aims to shake up the very foundation of the bourgeoise myth of the "rock band". Putting radical politics alongside a danceable beat, T(I)NC create a passionate atmosphere in which progressive ideas are communicated as the boundaries between audience and performer are torn down. In their live shows, they want to simultaneously inspire and draw inspiration from the togetherness of people, and celebrate organization and the collective effort.

Forming in late 1998, T(I)NC knew right away what they would set out to do. Their first tour took them to the People's Republic of China, and the release of a number of seven-inch singles, all compiled on Hong Kong-based label Ling Lao (and later G-7 Welcoming Committee in Canada) and given the suitable title The First Conspiracy, set the standards for how the band wanted to present themselves and what challenges they were willing to accept in order to do so.

Fueled by the curiosity of seeing where their ambitions might take them, the band performed a number of live shows in Sweden and around Europe before the release of their debut album Survival Sickness (Burning Heart/Epitaph) in April of 2000. The album received critical praise, the videos for the singles 'Smash It Up' and 'The Reproduction of Death' both got extensive airplay and T(I)NC found themselves touring extensively with major success both in Europe and the United States. Playing alongside a number of great and diverse bands (AT THE DRIVE-IN, SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE, J MASCIS AND THE FOG and ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT just to name a few) they showed their ability to excite different crowds from one night to the other. The intention to play "in front of everyone all of the time" proved to be more than talk.

Not interested in slowing down, T(I)NC finished working on their second album, A New Morning, Changing Weather, in June of 2001. Teaming up again with engineer PELLE GUNNERFELDT and producer JARI HAAPALAINEN, they created an album far more diverse than previous efforts. By expanding and blending together the sonic and the lyrical aspects of the group, the final result is an album that offers not only pop sensibility (as the first single 'Capitalism Stole My Virginity' will surely prove), but far more intellectual substance than most bands out there. Every song a love song, although not in the traditional sense. The love for resistance is the key element, the motivational force behind this album and, to a great extent, behind the existence of the band itself. From opening track 'A Northwest Passage' to closing title track, 'A New Morning,' Changing Weather tells the tale of people's will to organize, protest and resist. From Seattle to Genova and moving into the future, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY will be there to stir things up, never content with anything but everything for everyone. Ya basta! We carry a new world here in our hearts.

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The International Noise Conspiracy

The International Noise Conspiracy

The pulse-pounding sounds of THE INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY come roaring back to the music world with their diverse, lively and creative second full-length album on …

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