Something Green And Leafy This Way Comes, SNFU

Guitar: Brent Belke
Bass: Rob Johnson
Drums: Dave Rees
Vocals: Ken Chinn
Guitar: Marc Belke

She clutched the scissors in her hand
Then raised them high above her head
She stabbed her boyfriend in the back
Then he hit the floor and bled
She did not know just what to do
So she went and had some lunch
She did not eat the red meat
Because it would only remind her of the

All he had to do was leave
All he had to do was get the hell out
But when he refused to walk through that door
That's when he became the ex-creep

She went back to the house
And dragged the body down the flight of stairs
She stuffed him in the furnace
Then she went and wash her hair
She lay down on the bed
Then she read a good book
She went and fell asleep
Then she awoke to the burning odor of the ex-creep

All he had to do was leave...

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Formed in Edmonton in the early '80s, SNFU has been one of the best and longest living of Canada's indie punk bands. Led by brothers …

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