Fade Away

Come Around, Sing It Loud

Vocals, Guitars: Pat Brown
Guitars, Backing Vocals: Kieren Smith
Piano, Keyboards: Ben Peterson
Bass: Nate Flynn
Drums: Chris Lee

Baby can we get a little better?
Take a step and lock our arms together
Maybe find a way to make this real
Because I've tried, I'm guilty but
I'm fine leaning backwards barely on a line
Singin' in my ears, the thought is crystal clear

You're all I need, call me out and pull me under
Patiently always walk around and wonder
If in time I lose my mind and fade away

Baby can we get a little closer?
Maybe we could do what we're supposed to
Maybe we should finally open arms
Because I've tried, I'm guilty but I'm blind
Barely seeing what's in front of me
I'm borderline catastrophe

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Sing It Loud

Sing It Loud

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