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SATANIC SURFERS have already left quite a mark on the worldwide-scene, steadily increasing their position as a 90's version of the HARD-ONS. Having established themselves as one of the leading European melodic punk bands worldwide, yet being nowhere near mainstream popularity, the band has received massive underground success and a cult-status comparable to that of AGENT ORANGE or JFA - in Europe that is. And with their recent signing to Epitaph expectations for the U.S. are high.

Brought up on a mix of old timers such as SNFU, MISFITS, DESCENDENTS and RKL, the guys picked their hilarious name for it's references to two of their biggest influences; MISFITS and the HARD-ONS. 'Satanic' is for Glenn Danzig of course, and 'Surfers' to pay tribute to the HARD-ONS old school surf-punk attitude. Either way, the Satanic Surfers definitely succeed in their effort to create a memorable name.

Forming in 1989 from vocalist/drummer Rodrigo and bass player Tomek's old band, and adding guitarists Magnus and Fredrik to solidify the line-up, Satanic Suffers would, in true D.I.Y-fashion, release their first album "Skate to Hell" in December 1993 (later to be re-issued by Bad Taste Records). The European punk rock equivalent to Epitaph, BURNING HEART RECORDS soon got aware of the bands amazing sound and increasing popularity and picked up the band for a loose-fit relationship (that pretty much allows the band to release material where they want). September 1994 saw their 8 song EP "Keep Out" selling more than 30,000 copies making it an all time Burning Heart classic in the same vein as the super popular NO FUN AT ALL and MILLENCOLIN.

About a year later the band had a new vocalist when Rodrigo the drummer took up the mission, and the Surfers went on to record "Hero of Our Time". A successful album that until now has sold more than 50 000 copies worldwide.

Following in cool fashion, "666 Motor Inn" turned out to be the title of the second album, that was unleashed worldwide on February the 21:st. Continuing in true SATANIC-tradition, though this time faster, more varied and in places more aggressive. Lyrically the band had gone through a rather big change, and definitely progressed in terms of content. Far from the goofy more easy going fun-oriented lyrics on their first EP, the outcome of the lyrics have taken a more serious almost political angle which might have taken many old fans by surprise. SATANIC SURFERS have taken much more of a stand both musically and lyrically. But musically any board rider, PC-punker or straight edge kid for that matter in the world will still be able to flip their decks, read their manifests or cook their tofu to the catchy high-quality melodic punk SATANIC SURFERS gives us. No doubt about that because musically the album is top fuel made to get the steam rolling.

In 1999, the third album "Going Nowhere Fast" was released. A brilliant piece of melodic punk rock that definitely will earn the Surfers even more attention. On "Going Nowhere Fast, the Surfers doesn't look either back or forward. But hey, why change a winning concept as the band continues to spew out honest & angry political and socially aware lyrics compounded by up-tempo musical virtuosity that not many other melodic bands can match???

As a whole, "Going Nowhere Fast" is a fine-engineered spinning punk rock album from a band not interested to compromise and follow the MTV-path of so many other bands. Fueled with integrity their wheels are now on fire, and they are ready and eager to burn rubber on dirty highways all across the world to, as we record industry people say: promote the new album. Probably not giving much of a toss about this piece of paper and our attempts to ´hype the band, the SATANIC SURFERS will be busy gigging hard, just trying to stay real and honest towards the scene and themselves.

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Satanic Surfers

Satanic Surfers

SATANIC SURFERS have already left quite a mark on the worldwide-scene, steadily increasing their position as a 90's version of the HARD-ONS. Having established themselves …

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