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Sweden's Randy formed in the early nineties, and soon became the fast, energetic punk band heard on their first album, 1995's There's No Way We're Gonna Fit In. The sound was hard and fast, and the lyrics had a strong political, revolutionary, Red message.

This political touch started and stayed with Randy, even as the music continued to develop. In 1996 they released The Rest is Silence with the goal of making the fastest punk record ever made. A lot of touring followed their second album, including a month-long stint through Europe with Lagwagon. From this time onward, Randy toured relentlessly; first conquering Sweden, then Scandinavia, Europe, and the World. After building their reputation with months of grueling shows, RANDY went through some changes: a new label (Ampersand) and a new bass player.

The addition of Johan Gustafsson on bass and the experience of so much live playing effected the band's sound, and Randy found a fresh, stronger energy in their new beat. In 1998 they released You Can't Keep a Good Band Down, their first U.S. and Canadian release (through G7 Welcome Committee). The boys had really come together as a band and tapped into the spirit of purpose every band searches for. You Can't Keep... was well received by both critics and fans around the world. The songs, the sounds, and their newfound energy merged with their anarchistic, hard-hitting lyrics. Randy's live shows grew even stronger, the crowds grew larger, and their message of revolution and defiance was a call to arms to kids around Europe.

After hundreds of shows around the world, they signed to Burning Heart Records and Epitaph. Randy commented: "After being in this punk / antiestablishment / PC / always broke / underground movement - which is where we still are, and will always be -- for a long time, it feels like you want to take a step ahead. Burning Heart was in this case the only alternative, if you want to stay punk. So, we are all satisfied and pretty exited about it".

Excited is exactly what Epitaph / Burning Heart Records is about RANDY's first release for the label, the thrilling album The Human Atom Bombs. This is the album where RANDY takes their past, their present, their beliefs and motives, melting it all together in a gumbo stew that never tasted better. Randy has put their lives on stake badly contaminated by the rockin' pneumonia and the punk-rock flu in their effort to write a punk rock classic, and The Human Atom Bombs is the one-finger-in-the-air proof that they achieved their goal. Songs like the Buzzcock-esque "Addicts Of Communication", the Jerry Rubin-ish "Karl Marx And History", the thoughtful and brilliant "If We Unite" sit side by side with 14 other great songs that shows the high standard of Randy's songwriting.

With sharp-penned radical / socialist / anarchist / anti-capitalist / revolutionary lyrics, The Human Atom Bombs is an outstanding album in every sense. The album was recorded with Pelle Gunnerfeldt, producer of THE HIVES, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY and others. Before recording, the band actually helped Gunnerfeldt build the studio, showing Randy takes the "do-it-yourself"-spirit to a new dimension.

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Sweden's Randy formed in the early nineties, and soon became the fast, energetic punk band heard on their first album, 1995's There's No Way We're …

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