Osker - Idle Will Kill
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U.S. Release Date: June 5, 2001

E.U. Release Date: May 22, 2001

Label: Epitaph

Recording Year: 2001

UPC/EAN Code: 45778660469

Idle Will Kill


About Idle Will Kill by Osker

Bringing an all new sound to the punk scene, Osker apologizes for nothing and says just about everything. Emotion drips from this album and the band's sheer musical and compositional talent is fully evident. Above all, "Idle Will Kill" represent two things: truth and talent. Guided by astonishingly diverse and accomplished songwriting, "Idle Will Kill" solidifies Osker's intention not to fit the mold of being just another punk (or anything else for that matter) band. Front-man Devon Williams puts it simply: "There are no extremes on 'Idle Will Kill,' just pure sincerity."

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Osker is surprising a lot of people these days. This very young band (singer/songwriter/guitarist Devon Williams is only 19) has just recorded an album so …

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