No Fun At All - Master Celebrations
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U.S. Release Date: April 8, 2003

Label: Burning Heart Records/Epitaph

Recording Year: 2002

UPC/EAN Code: 45778015467

Master Celebrations

No Fun At All

About Master Celebrations by No Fun At All

"Master Celebrations" is a 24-track collection of the very best that No Fun At All has to offer! With a lengthy career under their belts and a now "retired" status, No Fun At All comes back with one more punch in the gut! Containing classic NFAA songs like "Suicide Machine," Stranded" and "Growing Old, Growing Cold," "Master Celebrations" truly is a celebration of the career and history of one of Sweden's finest punk rock band!

Artist Bio

No Fun At All

No Fun At All

No Fun At All Since the debut-MCD release of "Vision" in 1993, Sweden's premier hardcore pop-punkers NO FUN AT ALL has grow into a tight, …

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