Ikara Colt - Basic Instructions EP
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U.S. Release Date: May 20, 2003

Basic Instructions EP

Ikara Colt

About Basic Instructions EP by Ikara Colt

You ought to love Ikara Colt. They saved us from the dark days of 96-01, giving back our hope in guitars with their brains, agenda, attitude and diamond bullet sharp tunes to match. You ought to love Ikara Colt, for the battle against goodtimegaragerock&rollbullshit has a new weapon in the Basic Instructions EP, a record that takes all those lazy Fall comparisons and smacks 'em clean into irrelevance along with most of their contemporaries. "Bring It To Me" and "Panic" are Ikara of old, but faster, shorter and meaner; Paul Resende pissed off, baiting, goading, spitting and snarling... Then there's "Don't They Know," a leap forward into a more epic territory that makes Sonic Youth's recent return to form feel like catch-up; a remix of may be 1 day that fizzles and crackles with twice the intensity and menace of the original... and you can fucking dance to it. How often can you say that of your usual rent-a-dj, bung it on the b-side reworks? If you don't make this Ikara Colt's breakthrough then you deserve all the Beatings that are coming to you. We have one, simple demand. Go out. Buy this record. Stop the rot.


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Ikara Colt

Ikara Colt

The band met at art college in London and formed the band at the end of 1999. They spent a lot of time doing nothing …

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