Goodbye Waves

Heroine, From First To Last

Lead Vocals, Programming, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Rhythm Guitar: Sonny Moore
Clean Vocals, Lead Guitar: Matt Good
Guitar, Vocals: Travis Richter
Drums, Percussion: Derek Bloom

There's an ocean out my window
There's beauty in its tears
There's an ocean out my window
It's crashing in my ears

Oh sea, your shelter
You dance between my toes
When I feel like I can't move forward
You carry me like a father

Breathing is the hardest thing I do
I'm not the only person in the room
It's hard for me, to feel like I'm perfect

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From First To Last

From First To Last

"It's one thing to play a certain type of music," says singer Sonny Moore dismissively, 'but it's another thing to have no originality."

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