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Frustrated at how aggressive music seemed to have largely become the domain of goateed guys angry at nothing and dreaming of Big Black, the concept of Error was born late one night a year ago when Atticus Ross wrote the beginnings of "Nothing's Working." Leo Ross added guitar and bass to the song and they decided to write another one, and thus the band was born. Fusing some of the more extreme developments in electronic music with traditional punk song structure, the Ross' found the perfect collaborator in Brett Gurewitz, who was also longing to do something unconventional with music. "Me and Leo would write a bunch of stuff and take it round to Brett's where he would come up with the melody and words," says Atticus of the process. "Or sometimes Brett would demo a song on guitar, and then Leo and I would take it apart and put it back together in a completely different way." He adds, "because I have a studio in my house, we were able to keep adding and changing stuff up until the final mix."

Next came trying to find a voice to deliver the lyrics. "We hooked up with Greg when he was on tour." says Leo, "and by the end of the first verse we knew we had found the perfect voice for this EP."

"Although our goal was to try to make something that sounded different and antagonistic," he continues, "we didn't want to make it an unbearable listen."

"I believe in art and commerce" agrees Atticus, "art for art's sake can often suck and commerce for commerce's sake always does."

Brett acknowledges that Error may not be the typical Bad Religion fan's cup of tea: " I want people to like it, but if they hate it that would be okay with me too just as long as they're not lukewarm about it."

Hard at work on the full-length album, Error is currently auditioning for a permanent singer. Once it is recorded the search will begin for further members for the extensive touring that is planned to follow its release.

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Atticus Ross - Atticus first came to notice in the mid '90s as a programmer for Tim Simenon's Bomb the Bass. He worked on a number of projects with Simenon before forming his own band 12 Rounds with his girlfriend Claudia Sarne. They released 2 albums, Jitterjuice (Polydor) and My Big Hero (Nothing Records) and have recently finished a third. Since moving to America from London two and a half years ago, Atticus' services have been enlisted by a number of artists including Trent Reznor, Zach de la Rocha, film scorer Clint Mansell and Rancid. He was also a member of the mysteriously ill fated Tapeworm, which featured vocals by Trent Reznor and Maynard James Keenan. He recently completed his first film score (with 12 Rounds' Claudia and Leo) for the Hughes brothers series Touching Evil and currently splits his time between working on the new Nine Inch Nails album and the Error full length.

Leopold Ross - Atticus' younger brother Leopold signed a deal with Sony in England at the age of 15 for his band NoJahoda. Although a resounding commercial failure he enjoyed spending their money and left with a Pro Tools rig and many guitar pedals. He moved from London to America a year and a half ago to work with Atticus. In that time, they have done various projects together including the aforementioned Touching Evil, Rancid and a remix of the Transplants "A Quick Death" (released on Epitaph's most recent Punk-O-Rama compilation). They are also currently doing tracks for artists including Dillinger Escape Plan and Sage Francis and are contributing an Error reworking of a Birthday Party song for an upcoming tribute on three one g records.

Brett Gurewitz - founder of Bad Religion and Epitaph Records; producer of nearly a hundred punk records.

Gregg Puciato - singer in Dillinger Escape Plan.

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Frustrated at how aggressive music seemed to have largely become the domain of goateed guys angry at nothing and dreaming of Big Black, the concept …

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