Division Of Laura Lee - Black City
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U.S. Release Date: February 19, 2002

Label: Burning Heart Records/Epitaph

Recording Year: 2002

UPC/EAN Code: 45778014668

Black City

Division Of Laura Lee

About Black City by Division Of Laura Lee

"Black City" is a smart, intense, darkly-tinged, atmospheric, and daringly experimental rock 'n' roll record. It is the sound of a group emboldened by their influences and unafraid of striking out in all directions at once. Critics have compared Black City to recordings by such disparate rock luminaries as The Stooges, Joy Division, Girls Against Boys, and My Bloody Valentine but the one thing upon which seemingly all can agree is the freshness and cohesion of the record itself. From the bone rattling simplicity of the albums opener "Need To Get Some", to the swirling and plaintive strains of the highly original "The Truth is Fucked" or the haunting "I Walk On Broken Glass", Black City delivers something that never fails to transcend definition or attract attention... Excellence.

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Division Of Laura Lee

Division Of Laura Lee

"We set out to do our best and make a really good record and that's about it."

- PerStålberg

The Division of Laura Lee doesn't …

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