59 Times The Pain - Calling The Public
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U.S. Release Date: April 9, 2001

Label: Burning Heart Records/Epitaph

Recording Year: 2001

UPC/EAN Code: 45778013067

Calling The Public

59 Times The Pain

About Calling The Public by 59 Times The Pain

On "Calling The Public," the band has dug deeper and found an inspired urge to move forward, upward, and outward. The album can be best described as '77-influenced punk created in true 59 Times The Pain style. This thrilling newborn sound of 59 Times The Pain is a natural progression, and a step into punk rock prime school. With an already established hardcore fan-base and reputation for creative expansion, 59 Times The Pain not only "calls the public" but also bestows upon them and extremely solid record.

Artist Bio

59 Times The Pain

59 Times The Pain

With less than a year to go to what some bands call the final countdown, other doomsday prophets name Gomorrah seasons end. Sweden's 59 TIMES …

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