Weezer Streams 'Hurley' On MySpace

Starting today, Grammy® award winning alternative rock band Weezer will be streaming their forthcoming new album, Hurley, in its entirety online at www.myspace.com/weezer. The album is currently available for pre-order at EpitaphStore.com, href="http://www.amazon.com/Hurley-Weezer/dp/B003Y01JE4/">Amazon.com> and href="http://itunes.apple.com/us/preorder/hurley-deluxe-edition/id387075310">iTunes.com> and will be released everywhere on Sept. 14.

Already receiving mass critical acclaim, Weezer's eighth studio album and first with indie powerhouse Epitaph Records has been described as "a solid collection of precise and persuasively melodic rock" (SPIN.com). "Hitting hard with meaty power chords, its 10 songs home in on Cuomo's favorite themes of romantic struggle and painful self-examination, packing plenty of jokes and addictive choruses into each bright sonic flare" (Los Angeles Times - Ann Powers).

The latest addition to Weezer's cherished catalog, which has sold more than 10 million records in North America alone, features a much talked about and delightfully kind photo of actor Jorge Garcia, who plays the character named Hurley on ABC's hit show "Lost." "We struggled super hard trying to come up with an album title,'" Cuomo recently told Spinner.com. "I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia -- it just had this amazing vibe. We didn't want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as 'the Hurley record' even if we left it without that title, so we just called it 'Hurley.' No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face."

Weezer continue to rock fans around the country with exhilarating performances like this past weekend's "brilliant, thrillingly active live show" (Seattle Weekly) at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival. Fans continue to wait in high anticipation for the official announcement of the rumored "Blue Album"/Pinkerton tour dates that are speculated to happen sometime this fall.

Check out the stream of Hurley today and stay tuned for news about special upcoming tour dates!