We don't often hear bad news from Hot Water Music.

Alright, we've got some pretty seriously bad news. This last week, while out on the Honda Civic Tour with Dashboard Confessional, Thirce, and The Get Up Kids, Chuck seriously injured his left hand and has to get reconstructive surgery tomorrow. If all goes well, Chuck should be done with physical therapy and ready to go by the time we hit the road again this fall. Right now we're he can't play guitar for 8 weeks and won't have full motion or feeling for 12 weeks to 3 years. So, he asked me to post something on the web to saying thanks to everyone at the shows last week and if you could all maybe summon up some good thoughts for a homey, he'd appreciate. We'll keep you posted on his progress over the next few months and, Darwin willing, we'll see you this fall sometime.


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