Video Premiere: The Weakerthans, 'Civil Twilight'

Critical favorites The Weakerthans will debut their video for the song "Civil Twilight" on October 17th. The video captures the tale of a lonely bus driver, played by lead-singer John K Sampson, an improbably poignant figure in the cold Canadian winter who drives his route and passes the time thinking of golf and actresses and regret. Bassist Greg Smith describes the process of filming that lead to the inventive, artistic results. "The "Civil Twilight" video is one continuous shot filmed in the Winnipeg public transit terminal. I think Jason Tait lost weight carrying his drums from the back of the bus to the front repeatedly during our many practice runs. Then [director] Caelum and his co-workers shot five takes and I think we went with the last one." Go to href="">> to watch the new video.

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