Turbonegro is #1 in Norway!

The first step for world domination has already been achieved!!!. Our favorite denim demons have rocked their motherland like never before and their brand new album "Scandinavian Leather" which was released on April 28th is already on top of the Norwegian album charts. Selling twice as many copies as #2 Madonna. The band has also recently received their first ever Norwegian gold record. So salute the lords of darkness...

Tonight they will be destroying London on their first gig in the UK. If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get hold of a ticket before they sold out, congratulations!, you're in for an experience of a lifetime. If
you didn't get a ticket, don't worry. They have added a second London date on May 12th and some tickets are still available. But probably not for long...In LA tickets on E-bay charged were 300 dollars, and scalpers outside the jamp-packed sold-out venue were almost killed by fanatic fans wanting

And right now our neighbours across the Atlantic are getting their first smell of "Scandinavian Leather" as it is being released in the United States and Canada by Epitaph today. And there's some talk about a possible Northamerican September tour. More news when we get it.

Also, Turbonegro adds a date in Fredrikstad, Norway at the 30th of may! It's only 30 min from Svinesund and 2,5 hours from Göteborg so all people nearby gets yet another chance to see the greatest show on earth!

For more darkness, visit:
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