Turbonegro album cover designed by creator of The Beatle's "Revolver" cover

The new Turbonegro album "Scandinavian Leather" is due out on May 6th and world-renowned artist, Klaus Voorman has created the album cover. Voormann, who created the Grammy award winning album art for the Beatles 1965 album "Revolver" has been working as an artist for the past forty-five years and is also a musician who has worked with the likes of B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Harry Nilsson, Carly Simon and more.

To say that everyone involved with this record is "honored" to have Voormann's skills associated with it would be an understatement...we are ecstatic!

To learn more about Klaus Voorman, check out his href='http://www.voormann.com/' target='_blank'>official web site