Tour and video news from the home of the Boucing Souls.


Happy new year everybody! We've taken a little break over the holidays and now we're back to let everyone know what's going over here in the ECFU! We're gonna be heading out to the west coast to to film our "The Show Must Go Off" DVD with Kung Fu records out at the Glass House in Pomona on Feb. 17th. Then we'll be heading out to Vegas to try our luck at the 7th annual "BYO Punk Rock Bowling Tournament". We'll also be playing a show for it at the H.O.B. on Feb 19th...for info go to href='' target='_blank'>>. For the crowds sake I hope we rock better than we bowl!

After that we're heading on over to London to party with the're all invited too! (Spiccoli quote) we'll be playing two weeks of shows in the UK with The Dropkick Murphys . We'll also be recording a BBC session that week so check that shit out. It's our first UK only tour and we're excited about going to some new places. Yo.. what's up with your food? Oh yeah...for all you Adolescents fans...we're recording a song for an Adolescents tribute record on kung fu records. For all kinds of Chunksaah Records news go to See you out there. Stay gold.----The Souls

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