Tom Waits and Joe Strummer Grammy nominations.

Tom Waits and Joe Strummer have both been nominated for Grammys in seperate catagories this year. Tom Waits was nominated for 'best solo rock vocal performance' for the song "Metropolitan Glide" and Joe Strummer was nominated in the 'best pop collaboration with vocals' catagory for the song "Redemption Song" with Johnny Cash. Below are the nominees and catagories.

Field 4 - Rock
Category 15 - Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance
(For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.)

Metropolitan Glide
Tom Waits

Ryan Adams
Track from: Love Is Hell
[Lost Highway Records]

The Revolution Starts Now
Steve Earle
Track from: The Revolution Starts...Now
[Artemis Records/E-Squared]

Melissa Etheridge
Track from: Lucky
[Island Records]

Code Of Silence
Bruce Springsteen
Track from: The Essential Bruce Springsteen
[Columbia Records]

Field 1 - Pop
Category 8 - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
(For a collaborative performance, with vocals, by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.)

Redemption Song
Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer
Track from: Unearthed
[American Recordings/Lost Highway Records]

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Ray Charles & Elton John
Track from: Genius Loves Company
[Concord Records]

Here We Go Again
Ray Charles & Norah Jones
Track from: Genius Loves Company
[Concord Records]

Paul McCartney & Eric Clapton
Track from: Concert For George
[Warner Strategic Marketing]

Moon River
Stevie Wonder & Take 6
Track from: Ultimate Mancini
[Concord Records]