Tim from Dropkick Murphys speaks about Warped 2005!

I think we're all looking forward to heading out this summer. not only has it been about 2 years since we've done a real tour of the states, but the warped tour in general is just a change of pace from your average tour. there's so many different bands that you can check out during the day not to mention the fact that you get to be outside most of the time as opposed to confined to a club or a hotel room or something. the lineups are always real cool as well. it's strange to think that someday on the tour i may be sitting around outside and see billy idol walk by. you get to be on the road with bands you would probably never play with. also, with all the bus lot mingling, it gives us a little time to work on our social skills as well. personally, i'm looking forward to this warped tour as it will be a massive change from my last warped tour experience. when i first started with dropkicks, i was actually selling merch for them (us, whatever) on warped. it was a pretty hellish experience that started off with a drive across the country in a waterlogged, b.o. smelling budget truck...the end of the tour left me tanned beyond recognition and about 20 pounds lighter. It'll be nice to just sit back and enjoy the tour this time around.

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