The Weakerthans score another outstanding album review

Since 1997 this Canadian four piece has released two solid full lengths, toured all over, and found many friends and fans across the globe. With the release of their third full length, and Epitaph Records debut, the boys from The Weakerthans have stepped everything up a few notches. All aspects of Reconstruction Site leave the listener in awe. Their ability to craft delicate yet driving songs, to write lyrics that level most others in this genre, and to have attained a flawless production that most bands would die for, is really just the beginning. In all fourteen songs on this release it is undeniable that The Weakerthans have grown, found their unique voice and developed into one hell of a band. I almost want to say that Reconstruction Site could be their defining album, but who knows what tricks they'll have up their sleeve for the next record. Easily one of the best records to come out in this genre in a long while. Do yourself a favor and get it.
- Christopher
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