The Weakerthans & Sage Francis to play CMJ Music Marathon!

Following the very successful release of their latest record "Reconstruction Site," The Weakerthans have received and accepted and invitation to play at this year's CMJ Music Marathon! They will be playing on October 25th (the final day of the event) at CBGB's, and this show is sure to be a great one!

Epitaph newcomer Sage Francis will also play the CMJ showcase, and below is what his people had to say about the situation:

"You may know him from killing it at POETRY SLAM CHAMPIONSHIPS or the SUPERBOWL MC BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP or his highly acclaimed MAKESHIFT PATRIOT CD ON ANTICON, or his tours with GRUVIS MALT, CR AVERY and ATMOSPHERE among others, or maybe you've been nodding the head to SAGE FRANCIS' latest endeavor, HOPE (as the NON PROPHETS with the amazing JOE BEATS) on LEX. or maybe your friends at EPITAPH have been in your ear about his solo record coming next year. Well whatever buzzin you've been hearing is true. the undeniably sharp lyrical champ is kickin out the jams in a mighty and prolific fashion. Come check the liveness..." Sage Francis will be performing at on OCTOBER 24th at RARE.

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