The Weakerthans get 4Ks from KERRANG!

Proof that country music and poetry is for punks too.

John K. Samson never fit in with his previous band, Propagandhi. His contributions were lacking in the politically driven vehemence
that otherwise characterize the Canadian trio. Fortunately, he had the good sense to realize that and quit to form The Weakerthans. This is the quartet's third full-length, and it's breathtaking in its beauty.

Distinguished by bookish intelligence, smart poetry and touching snapshots of humanity, this will make you smile then move you to tears 10 minutes later. While a little more ambitious musically than before, it's still the folk-rock with country tinges we've come to expect from the Winnipeg residents. But, fret not, this will ensure The Weakerthans hold onto their position as The Wussy Band
It's Okay For Punk Rockers To Like.

Rae Alexandra
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