The Weakerthans garner high praise from!

If there really was any justice in the world, The Weakerthans latest CD Reconstruction Site, would have been on everyone's Best of "03 list. Instead the same trash, critics' darlings and flavor of the month is labeled as "brilliant!". Reconstruction Site, the third release from the band, is a cohesive mix of punk manifestations with an alt/country lilt. The writings of front man and ex-Propagandhi's guitarist John Samson are some of the most lyrical and literary thoughts in music today. The rhythm section of John Sutton and Jason Tait on bass and drums respectively anchor the proceedings while Stephen Carroll adds texture with guitar, keyboards and lap and steel guitars. "(Manifest)", "Our Retired Explorer" and "Psalm For The Elks Lodge Last Call" are great songs. "Plea From A Cat Named Virtute" is from a housecats perspective to his master and their humdrum life. The title cut, "Time's Arrow" and "A New Name For Everything" are gloriously beautiful with great guitar work and vocal harmonies. "Benediction" features a duet with Sarah Harmer. "One Great City!" an ode to their hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, features the succinct refrain of "I hate Winnipeg." The Weakerthans have made a brilliant album from the heart and the head. The band played an unbelievable show back in November '03 at Club Infinity, be sure to check them out next time they are in town.

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