The Transplants announce tour dates with The Foo Fighters!

As they recover from last weekend's bender of filming two videos over two days (for DJ DJ and Diamonds And Guns) tough as nails splinter-group THE TRANSPLANTS (comprised of Rancid's Tim Armstrong, Blink 182's Travis Barker and newcomer Rob Aston) announce two Los Angeles area shows at Universal Amphitheater supporting FOO FIGHTERS April 17 and 18.

Going for the throat of rock n' roll, THE TRANSPLANTS are currently #19 on the R&R chart with adds on 81 commercial radio stations across the country. Don't let the mainstream buzz about this release fool you, vocalist Rob Aston warns: "It's still a very street, very hard record with no sugar coating."

BLENDER MAGAZINE describes the results of THE TRANSPLANTS blueprint destroying debut as: "...a kind of rebellious jukebox run amok. It's exhilarating to hear these angry young men joyfully smash up neopunk's predictable three-chord boilerplate."

Travis Barker adds: ''That's the coolest thing about THE TRANSPLANTS, we all love punk rock just as much as we love hip-hop just as much as we love reggae, It's like three punk kids got hold of a drum machine and stole a bunch of hip-hop records."

These much anticipated shows are the first since THE TRANSPLANTS cd was released Oct. 2002, be part of power chording fury as THE TRANSPLANTS bring their basement studio experiment of layered rock-steady, industrial, thug-punk, and Kingston dub energy to life.

On tour this Spring with FOO FIGHTERS:


More dates to be announced.