Progressive-Rock Super-Group The Sound Of Animals Fighting Have Signed With Epitaph Records With Plans To Release New Album In 2008

Experimental prog-rock collective known as The Sound of Animals Fighting have signed with the iconic Southern California based Epitaph Records. This mysterious cooperative effort features members whose identities are the subject of intriguing anonymity and speculation and who are only known by their respective animal names.

The Sound of Animals Fighting's exceptional style of music features a complex arrangement of unusual song structures and tempos drawing from an array of influences including indie, rock, electronic, hardcore and even world music for one of the most unique collaborative projects around today.

Leaving only a trail of riddled clues, The Sound of Animals Fighting's shroud of secrecy has fascinated fans for over three years. Originally assembled in 2004, TSOAF is a group of musicians and artists united with the common idea to create innovative music on the co-op level. The outfit released their debut EP Tiger and the Duke in 2005 and a follow-up LP, Lover, the Lord Has Left Us, in 2006. Having only played a handful of rare live shows since, The Sound of Animals Fighting will once again convene to begin documenting the next chapter of their mystifying career.

"After one album, a reissue of our first EP, and a live DVD (three very special releases to us), we bring you the latest newsflash: our third album will be released on the pioneering and long-established Epitaph Records. This third record coming out on Epitaph simply gives us a chance to reach new channels and new faces, which, ultimately, will work in everyone's favor, as you and we continue to grow, while simultaneously maintaining the independent ethics so important to us. Thank you for your ongoing support, and, as always, believe nothing you hear unless it comes straight from us. We are excited for the ongoing future of this incredibly cathartic project."
- The Nightingale

"Epitaph Records is proud to be a part of such a unique project," said Epitaph Records owner and president Brett Gurewitz. "They are by far one of the most enigmatic, experimental and envelope-pushing bands to arise from the contemporary post-hardcore scene." TSOAF joins a stable of reputable and ground breaking bands that include Converge, Busdriver, The Locust, Sage Francis and Refused among others.