The Slackers announce a new baby and a new EP.

The Slackers would like to welcome Julia Iris Babajian to the world!!!!

So its summertime and the band is getting ready for some east coast dates. In NYC, we are doing the boat cruise! Once again, we reccommend buying tickets in advance so you dont get left on the dock!!!! Tickets are going fast!!!!

The New EP, "International War Criminal" is out. It features 5 new songs with a political bent. We ain't preaching, we are just calling it like we see it. Check the songs out. We should have them for sale on the slackers website in the next few days.

In August, the band is making a return trip to europe, to do some festivals. Please check out the dates to see if we are coming near you!!!

In late september, the band is working on a west coast run centering around California, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. The first date to be announced is October 2nd in Los Angeles!!!!

The "Slackers in Dub" will be out this fall. Also in the works are a split cd with a yet to be named rock band, and a Live at Ernesto's II.

If you are in NYC, Dave and Vic are doing a bunch of gigs with their side projects (Rocksteady 7, Dave Hillyard 5, Vic's Little Blue Pills). Many of these gigs are cheap or free!!! So if you want to check them out doing something different, come on down!!!

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