The new Unseen album gets another great review!

State of Discontent was the complete opposite mood I was in once I heard the new CD from The Unseen. Newcomers to Hellcat Records, The Unseen have finally put out the punk album I've been waiting for. Too long has it been since I've heard a great, not annoying, true punk album. The music world has been recently barraged with countless hardcore/screamo, indie, and emo bands. While I do like these styles of music, I've been yearning for a good punk album to satisfy my loins. This new release is their follow up to, Explode, on BYO records. These guys worked with some major "punk forefathers" such as Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion and Ken Casey of The Dropkick Murphys on this one.

The music is, as with most punk bands, very fast in some songs. On other numbers they bring it down a bit but not slow by any means. They still pack energy even with their "slower" songs. Don't worry kids, you'll still be able to slam dance and do circle pits around the floor. I'll be honest; the simplicity of punk music is very obvious. That being said, a punk band that can use a cello and a viola in one of their songs, and not sound like Yellowcard, deserves some points. Another notable track on the CD is the last track, number 14, which is a enjoyable cover of The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black".

Lyrics to typical street punk deal with government and societal problems. That's where these guys are as far as lyrics go. Yes, for those of you looking for something to whine along with about breaking up with your girlfriend, I suggest you pass this one up. The Unseen also recruited some other well established punks to do guest vocals on their CD as well. Lars Frederiksen of Rancid and members of Rufio were among the guests on the album.

If you're looking for an energetic CD to make you drive faster to the beach this summer, this will work. If you're looking for something to damn society to, State of Discontent will damn it all. Those who enjoy bands such as The Casualties, Global Threat, Leftover Crack a.k.a Choking Victim, and F-minus should definitely pick this CD up. Definite 8 in my book, bitch if you want. Thank you, goodnight, and down with the system.

Rating: 8/10

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