The new Lost Patrol album starts off with a solid review

The Lost Patrol is (International) Noise Conspiracy vocalist Dennis Lyxzen's side project/solo album created to house all the lost love songs that just wouldn't quite sound right on a Noise Conspiracy record. Then again, neither would the clarinet that is featured prominently on this folk/rock/jazz record.

Much like labelmate Gregg Graffin's (Bad Religion) "American Lesion" record, "Songs About Running Away" is a collection of punk rock tunes stripped to their bare essentials and then bulked up with an assortment of non-punk instruments. Along with the clarinet solos, you have a flute, upright bass, saxophone and a ton of percussion.

The songs range for slow and melodic (The Way Things Are, No New Manifesto) to down right danceable, in a lounge sort of way (Out Of Date).

"Walking all by myself, while my baby is calling someone else/ Yeah it seems like I was out of date/ I'm thinking all these things but it's too late," Lyxzen sings about his recent break-up with Swedish songstress Lisa Miskovsky lending her pipes on the chorus. She also returns for a solo vocal performance on the rocker Alright.

Conspiracy fans, don't fret, there's at least two songs on here that are pure (International) Noise. Going Going Gone sounds like an acoustic version of Smash It Up, and 200 Reasons Why features some smokin' guitar leads.

This is one of the most multifaceted CDs to be released this year, and will definitely appeal to both fans of traditional singer-songwriters and punk rockers.

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