The new Error EP gets a kick-ass review fro!

If the songs "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails and "Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin somehow formed an unholy alliance and were able to conceive a child, the resulting hellspawn would be Error.

From the first kick drum in "Nothing's Working", Error is tearing your face off and spitting your teeth back at you like Tic Tacs. This disc is terrifying! So goddamn heavy! Can't,.. make,.. complete,.. sentences,... It makes you want to dance around the house with a sledgehammer. It's a good thing this self-titled EP is only five songs long, because every piece of furniture in my house would be destroyed if it went much longer. But if you're like me you'll just put it on endless repeat and go to town.

If you live long enough to make it to song three, "Burn in Hell", the vocals may remind you of Mindless Self Indulgence. But my guess is that your synapses will have melted down long before then. The production of Error alone is worth the price of admission. You haven't heard anything even close to this since Skinny Puppy. Everything is filtered, layered, and twisted. Nihilistic vocals pan and crackle, stabbing deep into your cerebral cortex.

The EP's jacket design by Nick Pritchard is so fucking amazing, you won't know whether to put it in your player or frame it on your wall. Error is Atticus Ross (12 Rounds, Tapeworm, Nine Inch Nails), Leopold Ross, Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion), and Gregg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan). WARNING: If you are only buying this because you are a fan of Bad Religion, this is NOT what you are expecting. It will swallow your soul.

Error is the kind of music that kills grandparents. If you like aggressive, electronic, or experimental music and want to be blown away, adopt this spawn of Satan when it comes out February 24th. You have been warned.

By night watchman

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