The new Bouncing Souls record gets another awesome review!

One of the truly rare but undeniably addicting joys of being a music fan is the moment when you pop in a CD you've never heard before that proceeds to blow you away from the instant you press play. Anchors Aweigh, the latest release from New Jersey punkers the Bouncing Souls, is such a disc. The album has gone straight from its pre-sale shrink-wrapped state into heavy rotation on my car stereo. Over the course of 16 masterful tracks, the Souls deliver a generous helping of furious, ratchet-tight melodic punk. Staying far from the trappings of emo in favor of a more traditional punk approach, the band condenses the catchy simplicity of Green Day with the attitude of Rancid and the bombast of Bad Religion, topped by the soaring vocals of singer Greg Attonito. Perhaps what's most interesting is the record's consistency: track after track, it's one blood-pumping rhythm and infectious melody after another. Years of recording and touring continue to pay off for The Bouncing Souls, who have created one of the finest punk records in recent memory.

---Brendan Manley
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